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Posted by on Jan 13, 2015 in Behind the Scenes | 2 comments

2015: An Exciting Year for Sarcastic Sexy Suspense!

Happy New YearHappy New Year, y’all!!!!!

So, I know I’m about 13 days late with that, but I’ve had the plague since Christmas and I’m suffering from a weird reaction to today’s B-12 shot. We’ll just pretend that the last 13 days of New Year’s posts haven’t already been filling up the Internet. Okay?

Anyway. I’m not here to publicly announce my New Year’s Resolutions or anything. I mean, being sick has already forced me to push back some of the stuff I wanted to accomplish this year anyway, so…why admit defeat to all three people who read this blog?

Instead, I’m here to give you the quick rundown on some of the awesomeness that’s coming your way if I ever recover from the plague and manage to spend more than a six hours each day awake, coherent and upright.

New Books!

I know I mentioned some of these in a post last year, but now that I’ve tweaked the 2015 publication schedule a bit, I just wanted to recommit to:

  • Three novellas in the Sherlock Shakespeare Mystery Series, my first attempt to mix YA paranormal with comic mystery writing
  • LOVE WILL LEAD US, a stand-alone new adult romance novel
  • RITUAL OBSESSION, the first dark YA paranormal book in the Ritual Series
  • LOVE ONLY SLEEPS, the fifth installment in the Undercover Series

While I’m talking about books, there are some sales going on this month. AGENTS OF DECEIT IS on sale for 99 cents through Saturday, January 17. After that, each book in the series will go on sale, one at a time, each week until you’ve had the opportunity to get ‘em all for 99 cents apiece if you haven’t got them yet. Also, all books, novellas and short stories are currently available through Kindle Unlimited, so if you want to read my stuff for free, please do so. :)

Finally…This isn’t really a new book since all the content has already been out there, but I’ll be releasing the first three books in the Undercover Series as an ebook trilogy. So, if you’d rather get three books in one Kindle file, look for that to hit virtual shelves in the next month or so. No word on introductory or final pricing yet though.

New Stories!

Nope. This is totally not the same as the new books. In the next few months, I’ll be launching a series of short stories on the blog about how my cat saves the world every time I give her catnip before I leave the house. Look for The Awesome Adventures of Sydney Cat to magically appear in the late winter/early spring.

And no, I didn’t name my cat after myself. I’m not that vain. I named myself after my cat. (More on *that* little tidbit later.)

Yes, she is that vain.

New Blogs!

As you probably noticed, there seems to be quite a bit of paranormal awesomeness infusing itself into my writing this year. Since I’ve spent more years researching the paranormal than I usually admit in public – until now! – I thought I’d go ahead and share a little of what I’ve learned on the blog for you. Look for that to start this winter. I’ve already starting sharing bits and pieces on Facebook.

Don’t worry, none of the characters you’ve come to know in the Undercover Series will start wearing crystals and channeling spirits. That series is what it is. That said, a member of the Caldwell family might reveal herself to have some esoteric beliefs that are wildly unpopular with the people she loves.

New Website?

While this website will remain the definitive home of sarcastic sexy suspense, my publisher is finally launching its website next month. I know. Only took two years, right?

Anyway, Random Distraction Publishing offers creative services to the distracted, including:

  • Author Services
  • Publishing Services
  • Writing Services

While the writing side of the business has been up and running in the background for years, the website launch will focus mostly on the author service side of the business. There you’ll find regular tips on editing, publishing and formatting. You might even see me pop up over there every now and again to talk about the craft of writing.

As you can see, 2015 is shaping up to be quite a year in my world – especially since I might have a few things quietly in the works that I haven’t mentioned.

If you want to take advantage of any of the great deals happening this month on my sarcastic sexy suspense novels, you’ll find them all listed on my Amazon Author Page.

Have you had your dose of sarcastic sexy suspense yet today?

© 2015, Sydney Katt. All rights reserved.

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  1. When will love only sleeps be released?

    • My original hope was to release it in December, but there were some unforeseen things that came up earlier this year. I’m still shooting for a late December release, but I may have to hold the release if I don’t feel like it’s ready. At this moment, it’s number three on my list, but the two things ahead of it should go quick.

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