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Of Wishes and Rainbows

Of Wishes And Rainbows coverEven in a simpler time, love is never easy.

No one expects to fall in love at thirteen, but that’s exactly what happens the moment the new girl in school picks the seat in front of Grady “Boy” Weaver. But how can the poor social outcast who can’t even get his father to love him possibly steal this beautiful girl away from the rich and popular boys in his class? To make himself worthy, Grady embarks on a quest that will take him to the edge of reality and reason, uncovering what treasure really hides at the end of the rainbow.

After returning from his adventure, Grady must make a choice: Use his treasure to hold onto his newfound popularity and the girl of his dreams or sacrifice everything to save the family farm he despises.

Of Wishes and Rainbows is a coming of age story of love and sacrifice.

This short story is about 15,000 words, or roughly 42 pages.

Get your copy today!

Of Wishes and Rainbows: A Short Story


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