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Transferencetrans·fer·ence: the redirection of feelings or desires

After being convicted for her unwitting part in a prison break involving the man she loves, ex-morphine addict and medical device sales professional Allison Waverly is about to spend the next decade in prison. When a dangerous man from her past extracts her from the prison transport van, she knows things won’t be as simple as he claims. Especially since her cravings are back and her rescuer won’t let her have so much as a drop to drink.

Former secret service agent Brad Markenson knows it was a bad idea to take the job, but there are a million reasons for him to stick to this plan. All he has to do is deliver her to her boyfriend Adam in Costa Rica. No sex. No killing.

No problem?

Between Allison’s growing cravings and the raw attraction that’s always simmered between them, this road trip is doomed from the start. Allison loves Adam and hates Brad, but if Brad won’t let her have a hit or a drink, sex is the only high she has left to chase.

And Brad Markenson is about to become her dealer.

Transference is a story of addiction, lust and redemption. Sometimes, getting what you wanted isn’t always what you really want…

This novella is roughly 85 pages and contains violence, language, adult situations and strong sexual content. Recommended for mature audiences only.


TRANSFERENCE is only available for Kindle. The ebook is sold DRM-free so that readers will have the freedom to convert the file to read on the device of their choice. Please follow the link below to download your copy from Amazon today!



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