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The Case of the Missing Mascot

Missing Mascot CoverWhen your mascot goes missing a week before Homecoming, this is not the Sherlock you want on the case…

After the disappearance of the new mascot of Devils Reach High, an adorable trained teacup pig, Sherlock Shakespeare finally gets her chance to put the skills learned from a lifetime of reading mysteries to the test. Piece of cake, right? Other than gang members, animal rights activists, hallucinations and the parade of lunatics in her life, she’s totally got this. Champers is as good as found.

In Sherlock’s world, three things are absolute: She’s got the perfect Homecoming date, the stoner in her English class is a total perv, and there’s no such thing as ghosts. Before her sleuthing is done, she’ll learn that nothing is absolute.


THE CASE OF THE MISSING MASCOT is available for Kindle. The ebook is sold DRM-free so that readers will have the freedom to convert the file to read on the device of their choice. Paperback versions will only be offered for trilogies. As with all of the Sherlock Shakespeare Mysteries, this book carries a warning for mild language. Please follow the link below to download your copy from Amazon today!

 The Case of the Missing Mascot (A Sherlock Shakespeare Mystery Book 1)


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