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Posted by on Oct 26, 2014 in Events | 18 comments

Halloween Hop Story and Giveaway

Snarkolgy Halloween Blog Hop Yellow 2Hey y’all!

I’m participating in the Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop with tons of other cool authors and bloggers this year. Why am I participating? Because it’s fun for me and there are possible prizes for you. Be sure to read all the way to the end of this post so that you can find out how to enter for a chance to win one of the hop-wide prizes. I’ll also provide some information on the other participating authors so that you can trick or treat around the web for a chance to win the cool prizes they have up for grabs.

But while you’re here, I’ve got some goodies for you as well. This week, everyone gets a free copy of OF WISHES AND RAINBOWS. And everyone who leaves a comment on this post will be eligible to win a Kindle copy of my newest release TRANSFERENCE. Details for all the tricks and treats are below, but first, here’s a little haunted house story to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Yeah…pun totally intended, y’all.

The Untrue Heart

“I don’t want to go.”

Chance eyed his redheaded companion before cutting the engine. “Olivia, you’re being silly. It’s just a haunted house. Smoke in mirrors. Fun and games.” When she didn’t move, he gave her the puppy dog eyes she could never resist. “You know I’m not going to let anything happen to my best girl, right?”

After an eternity in a moment, she relented. “Fine.” She pushed open the car door. “I can’t believe I’m wasting time at a haunted house on a Sunday night when I’ve got a monster term paper due tomorrow morning.”

“Babe, this is our last chance. We’ve got Homecoming stuff all during next week. And the game and dance are on Halloween night.” He rested a casual arm around her shoulders as they crossed the grassy lot.

Lately, Chance spent more time wondering why he was with Olivia than enjoying being with her. She wasn’t adventurous. She didn’t like sports. In fact, all she did was spend time at her prayer group thing, probably repenting for all the things he talked her into doing in his car after football games.

Maybe his parents were right about not settling down in high school. He needed to break up with her for good this time. He’d do it after next Friday’s big game.

Some guys wore lucky socks; Chance’s lucky charm was this little redheaded hottie and her honeyed lips.

Marcus, a pudgy blond middle school kid, ran up to them before they could reach the door. “Dude! ‘Bout time.”

Maya grinned. “What my little brother is trying to say is that we’d have to wait for the next showing if you didn’t get here when you did. Let’s head inside.”

Chance accepted their tickets and asked, “Where’s Frank?”

“Home. Studying again.” Maya held his gaze a beat longer than was necessary. “He wanted to finish his homework instead of coming out for a little fun.”

Was it his imagination, or was Maya giving him the ‘go’ signals he’d been waiting since last year to get? To bad she’d waited until now. This hot blonde easily could’ve been his good luck charm for the season.

If she noticed anything off between them, Olivia didn’t show it. “That’s where I should be instead of here. Studying.”

“Come on, Liv. We are going to have so much fun tonight,” Maya said. “You know I’m right. I always am.”

Olivia shot the blonde a dirty look. “Traipsing around in an old meat-packing plant to look at fake gore isn’t really fun for me.” She handed her ticket to the man at the door, smiling politely. “I still have to find the resources to back up everything I’m claiming in the paper.”

Chance sighed and handed over his ticket. Did Olivia have to ruin everything with her sour attitude? He needed a woman who was more fun.

Like Maya.

She didn’t seem to mind being out on a school night any more than she minded the biting cold wind on her bare legs as it rustled her short red plaid skirt. She’d always been one of those girls who dressed as though she was daring the guys at school to fantasize about her every last curve. If only she didn’t have her kid brother with her…

And he didn’t have an annoying girlfriend in tow.

Marcus hopped around in front of them. “A friend of mine told me about a haunted house where everything you see is real.” His eyes lit up like only a child’s could. “You think it’s a fake alien abduction, but that’s just how they get their new experiment victims.”


The haunted house was a joke – especially the Hall of Fear. Spaghetti in buckets to look like brains, red gelatin as guts…a geeky drama club could’ve done better. At least they wouldn’t think it was a good idea to have a guy in black jump out and actually say, “boo.”

Olivia still shrieked in terror, as though every moment of forced suspense was real. Twice, she jumped back and nearly knocked him off his feet in response to some cheesy haunted house gag or another. If she hadn’t, he might’ve stopped the actors from dragging her away. It was just audience participation.

She’d be fine.

Marcus turned to them before they entered the final room. “Bet someone’s gonna chop up your girl!”

“That’s silly, Marcus. Be quiet,” Maya warned, entwining her fingers with Chance’s.

The final room was grotesque. A woman beat the glassed-in front wall with her hands, begging for help; pleading for someone to take the axe and break the glass.

No one did.

“What’s wrong with you people? Help me! This is real. They took me from the audience an hour ago and—”

A hideous creature – or a man in a believable creature costume more likely – emerged from the shadows behind her. His claws slashed across her in the most vicious way, blood spraying the glass, blocking part of the view. Gradually, bloodcurdling screams gave way to moans of agony.

Then…merciful silence, save for the sound of the creature dragging her limp, lifeless body into the shadows.

“Your girl’s next, football jock,” Marcus taunted.

Maya glared at her brother and looked around until she found someone she knew. “Hey, Lexi. Can you take Marcus home for me? We need to find Olivia.”

“Sure deal, chickadee.”

Chance and Maya hung back as the rest of the crowd filed out of the building, the sounds of someone losing their dinner wafting in from just outside. “You think Olivia’s okay, right?” he asked.

“Chance…of course.” She placed her hands on his chest and met his eyes. “My brother’s an idiot, even for a 12-year-old.”

He battled to focus his attention on his missing girlfriend instead of Maya’s touch. He lost. “What now?”

Maya looked around, then grinned at him. “Through that door.” She darted towards the other side of the cavernous room. “Come on!”

Once inside, Chance felt along the wall for a light switch, but Maya stopped him, whispering, “I have a better place for those fumbling hands. You know I’ve been waiting to get you alone tonight.”

“What about Olivia?” he protested, even as he pressed Maya’s back against the wall and wasted no time getting his hands under her skirt.

“I’m right behind you, Chance.”


Chance awoke strapped to the table behind a wall of glass. Candles blazed around him. Gradually, he heard the buzzing of voices over the sickening chanting.

He turned his head to the crowd. “Aren’t you people going to help me?”

Hooded figures moved around him, their backs to the leering crowd. “You’re the untrue heart, Chance. You get to be the final act,” Maya purred, brandishing her knife.

“No. Please.”

Maya shared a look with Olivia and mocked. “No. Please. I really expected more from him.”

“Give the guy a break. He probably believed my prayer group was really just a prayer group.”

“Honey…sweetheart…you don’t want to do this.”

Olivia’s now crimson lips curved into an evil smile. “Come on, baby.” She drew strange symbols on his chest in – could it be? – blood. “Haunted houses are fun. It’s all smoke in mirrors, right?” She leaned close enough to whisper in his ear. “Scream for me, stud.”

And Now…Giveaways!

Giveaway 1

Of Wishes And Rainbows coverOF WISHES AND RAINBOWS is totally and completely free on Amazon from Monday, October 27 – Friday, October 31.

If you’re in the mood for a quick 90-minute read about a simpler time and place, grab this story while it’s free.

Did I mention that the main character actually pulls a rainbow out of the sky?

Be sure to get your free copy of Of Wishes and Rainbows: A Short Story


Giveaway 2

TransferenceLeave a comment below for your chance to win a free Kindle copy of TRANSFERENCE. I’ll select one winner at random for every 10 people leaving comments by October 31 at midnight. So if lots of people comment, there are just more potential prizes! Winners will be announced and contacted on November 1.

TRANSFERENCE is a 2.5 hour novella about addiction, lust and redemption. Sometimes getting what you wanted isn’t always what you want.

Even if you don’t win, you can still take advantage of the 99-cent sale through November 15 on Amazon for Transference

Hop-Wide Giveaway

Want more cool goodies? We got ‘em!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

More Goodies If you’re ready for more Halloween and fall-themed goodies and the potential to take advantage of other giveaways, here’s the list of other blogs you should add to your virtual trick or treating this week.  

Happy Halloween and have fun, y’all!

© 2014, Sydney Katt. All rights reserved.

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  1. Loved it!

  2. Hi Sydney,
    Enjoyed the story! Thank you so much for participating in the Halloween hop! :)

    • I hope you enjoy it. It’s a strange story.

  3. Thanks for letting us know about the freebie, got mine!

  4. Thank you for the free book and the chance to win.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  5. Nice story

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. Hi Sydney,
    Great post! I enjoyed your short story. Is it an excerpt from a longer story or a flash fic?

    Thanks for taking part in the Halloween Hop. Hope you have a great week. :)

    • Doy! Apparently I’ve been here once already. Deja vu.

    • Just a flash fic. If I was going to make it longer, I’d probably have to explain how the monster and the cult are connected. Leaving it open was more fun. ;)

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