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Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 in Random Facts, Trivia and Weirdness | 0 comments

Love at First Sight: Fact and Fiction

Sneaking a KissLove at first sight is one of those tricky concepts that people I encounter like to bicker over. Is it real? Is it garbage?

Let’s talk.

Honestly, the way I see love at first sight used in books and movies makes me a little ill. Boy meets Girl. Boy spends a weekend with Girl, possibly dodging bullets or thwarting a deadly virus that will wipe out the population of Mars. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t go so well for Mars.) Boy and Girl decide they’re madly in love and must spend forever together by the end of the story – often within a week or less.

Um, gag.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy fictional happily ever afters just like everyone else, but I want the characters to earn them. If your characters haven’t even broached the all important question of cat person or dog person before they walk down the aisle, I’m not buying it.

So, can love at first sight exist outside of Hollywood?

Metaphysical Connections

Among past life believers, there’s a belief that we tend to reincarnate life after life with many of the same souls we interacted with in other lives. Have you ever hated someone the moment you met them – or, at least, gotten a bad vibe from them? Chances are, you’ve encountered them in previous lives and didn’t have the best of experiences with them.

The same can be said of those people you were close to in other lives. We’ve all had that moment when we sit down to talk to someone new and suddenly feel as though we’ve known them forever. Chances are, your first meeting with them isn’t your actual first meeting with them, if you get my drifty-drift.

Seriously…I think the first time I went to lunch with my best friend, I was chatting with her about stuff most of the people I was friends with didn’t really know about me. I’m a tough onion to peel, so I’m going to assume it wasn’t just my euphoria over the salad I was eating (and the gooey dessert waiting) that lowered my barriers.

So, if you can have an instant connection with a soul you’ve encountered in the past, does that make love at first sight real?

True Story Time

My husband and I officially met for the first time right before my senior prom, just a few weeks before graduation. The first time we saw each other was the first day of school that year. I was delivering a note from the office to a Spanish teacher who was, well, pretty damn creepy. Instead of taking the note and letting me and the girl I was with deliver the next note, he made us wait while he finished something and read the note. Not really much to do when you’re waiting and you can’t carry on a conversation with your friend with the entire class staring at you, so my eyes wandered around the room.


My eyes were drawn to Captain Awesome’s gaze like a tractor beam from across the room. While I firmly believe that most high school flirtations don’t have a lot of substance, this was decidedly intense. We’re talking the kind of eye-locking action that would force the camera to zoom in and probably require some slow motion wind moving through the hair to properly convey the moment in a teen movie.

Anyway. The eye contact lasted only a few seconds, we were finally dismissed and I only ever saw him when I delivered notes to that classroom. We didn’t run into each other in the hallways. Never noticed one another outside of school. No contact. Just the occasional smiles from across the room for the next 10 months.

When I finally ran into him after school and was introduced to him by a friend, I think the first words out of my mouth were, “It’s you.”

I don’t think anyone really expects to meet the person they’re going to be with for life at 18. I sure didn’t. The extent of my expectations was to go out a few times before school ended, or maybe hang out a little over the summer.

But I was wrong. My expectations are always wrong when it comes to the important stuff. Right from the start, it was serious, not just a fluffy teenage whatever relationship.

Would I go so far as to say love at first sight? Probably not. What I will say is that even nearly 17 years later, it felt like destiny was at play. Are we soul mates? Twin flames? Couldn’t say. Did we somehow hook up between lives to chart a shared future existence?


Your Turn

So tell me, have you ever had any experiences with love at first sight that have altered the course of your life? Any moments where you absolutely knew that destiny was at work? Is there anything to this whole love at first sight thing, or is it a concept that exists just to keep fictional plots moving forward? You tell me. :)

Side Note: I recently posted a few pictures from last year’s cruise and some pics from our Valentine’s Day trip to the Sherlock Holmes Exhibition at the Perot Museum over on my Facebook page. Check ‘em out if you want.

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