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What’s the Deal with All the Crystal Piles?

Posted by on Aug 13, 2015 in Inside the Book | 2 comments

Piles of crystals can have a purpose

Why does Sherlock keep finding crystals?

If you’ve read THE CASE OF THE MISSING MASCOT, you may be wondering what the deal is with the piles of crystals teen sleuth Sherlock Shakespeare encounters twice during her investigation. If you haven’t read it yet, the answer to that question won’t spoil anything about the case.

Either way, today we’re diving inside the book to give you the info Sherlock doesn’t have as she searches for the school’s missing mascot.

In the book…

As Sherlock enters a room that she’s searching for information on the mascot’s location, she notices what she describes as little piles of rocks in the corners of the room. She also notices that more of these strange object are hanging on the pull chains of the ceiling fan. She doesn’t know what they are during the two scenes she encounters them, but she doesn’t think much about them. After all, she is working against the clock to find Champers before Homecoming.

But since you aren’t up against that same deadline, you may’ve wondered why anyone would keep rocks in the corners of a room. Especially in two separate places. I mean, it’s not like you see this every day.

Unless you’re hanging out at my house, that is.

In real life…

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New Release: The Case of the Missing Mascot

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Events | 0 comments

Missing Mascot CoverHappy Monday, y’all.

Just wanted to let you know that the first installment of the Sherlock Shakespeare Mystery series is now available AND on sale for half price until the end of July.

In THE CASE OF THE MISSING MASCOT, we meet high school senior Sherlock Shakespeare, a girl who’s spent more time with her nose in a book than she has living her life. All that changes when a massive fight with her boyfriend makes her rethink her life. Armed only with the knowledge from hundreds of mystery books and a few movies, Sherlock sets out to find her school’s missing mascot.

I think what I like most about this paranormal cozy mystery series is that we don’t start out with an amateur detective who magically turns into a seasoned pro the moment they begin their investigation. Instead, Sherlock fumbles through the investigation just like most of us would in real life. Unless my only readers are professional detectives. In that case, I guess I’d be the only terrible one at real life sleuthing.

Anyway. Unlike the novella serials out there that end just when the mystery is really heating up, each novella in this series is a contained story. While the paranormal elements, her friendships and her love life will evolve as the series goes on, Sherlock will solve the primary mystery of the story before you run out of pages to read. Books in this series can be read in any order, but it’s probably more fun to start at the beginning. Not that you have a choice at the moment since only the first one is available. ;)

Also, there is a warning in effect for mild language throughout and one F-bomb.

And now that I’ve rambled enough, here’s the blurb:

When your mascot goes missing a week before Homecoming, this is not the Sherlock you want on the case…

After the disappearance of the new mascot of Devils Reach High, an adorable trained teacup pig, Sherlock Shakespeare finally gets her chance to put the skills learned from a lifetime of reading mysteries to the test. Piece of cake, right? Other than gang members, animal rights activists, hallucinations and the parade of lunatics in her life, she’s totally got this. Champers is as good as found.

In Sherlock’s world, three things are absolute: She’s got the perfect Homecoming date, the stoner in her English class is a total perv, and there’s no such thing as ghosts. Before her sleuthing is done, she’ll learn that nothing is absolute.

Remember, be sure to pick up your copy of THE CASE OF THE MISSING MASCOT by the end of the month to get it for only 99 cents!

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Love at First Sight: Fact and Fiction

Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 in Random Facts, Trivia and Weirdness | 0 comments

Sneaking a KissLove at first sight is one of those tricky concepts that people I encounter like to bicker over. Is it real? Is it garbage?

Let’s talk.

Honestly, the way I see love at first sight used in books and movies makes me a little ill. Boy meets Girl. Boy spends a weekend with Girl, possibly dodging bullets or thwarting a deadly virus that will wipe out the population of Mars. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t go so well for Mars.) Boy and Girl decide they’re madly in love and must spend forever together by the end of the story – often within a week or less.

Um, gag.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy fictional happily ever afters just like everyone else, but I want the characters to earn them. If your characters haven’t even broached the all important question of cat person or dog person before they walk down the aisle, I’m not buying it.

So, can love at first sight exist outside of Hollywood?

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2015: An Exciting Year for Sarcastic Sexy Suspense!

Posted by on Jan 13, 2015 in Behind the Scenes | 2 comments

Happy New YearHappy New Year, y’all!!!!!

So, I know I’m about 13 days late with that, but I’ve had the plague since Christmas and I’m suffering from a weird reaction to today’s B-12 shot. We’ll just pretend that the last 13 days of New Year’s posts haven’t already been filling up the Internet. Okay?

Anyway. I’m not here to publicly announce my New Year’s Resolutions or anything. I mean, being sick has already forced me to push back some of the stuff I wanted to accomplish this year anyway, so…why admit defeat to all three people who read this blog?

Instead, I’m here to give you the quick rundown on some of the awesomeness that’s coming your way if I ever recover from the plague and manage to spend more than a six hours each day awake, coherent and upright.

New Books!

I know I mentioned some of these in a post last year, but now that I’ve tweaked the 2015 publication schedule a bit, I just wanted to recommit to:

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